The Evolution of Legal Process Outsourcing

Clacking typewriters, over worked owl-eyed stenos, mountains of briefs, and erratic juniors…the hallmarks of yester-year law firms.  Enter the new millennium, and law firms were sleek, new age hubs of strenuous legal activity, ranging from tedious to investigative to groundbreaking.  Gradually, as world economy harmonized as one, and the global business community started outsourcing its key, albeit repetitive processes to reduce costs, time, effort, and manpower, the legal world developed too. 

Present day economics is governed by technological growth where advanced communication systems rule the roost.  Information technology has shrunk time and distance to such an extent that geographical boundaries are mere contours instead of dividers.   Following in the wake of the financial world, the legal firms across the globe realized that to adapt themselves to the constantly evolving, competitive, economic scenario, they would have to develop strategies that would balance not only their deadlines but also provide efficient support systems. 

This brought about the evolution of Legal Process Outsourcing industry, where law firms obtained legal support services from key service providers, who were located halfway across the globe.  Initially legal outsourcing involved low-end work like transcription.  But soon the outsourcing pattern evolved to such specialized tasks as legal research, library services, pre-litigation document creation, consultation, application drafting, analysis, and so on.   In the current scenario, approximately 80 per cent of companies, federal agencies, and leading law firms, opt for legal process outsourcing to reduce high operational costs and improve efficiencies.  Offshore service providers are providing these key services: 

Business Formation
Business and Corporate Law
Copyright Services
Court Reporting Services
E-Filing Services
Environmental Law
Immigration Law
Intellectual Property Law
Labor and Employment Law
Legal Billing
Legal Claims Processing
Legal Coding
Legal Nurse Consulting
Legal Research
Legal Transcription
Litigation Support Services
Paralegal Services
Patent Services
Property Law
Trademark Services

Legal Process Outsourcing has emerged as a mainstream occupation for offshore attorneys, lawyers, and law firms.  Common laws spread across the three continents have further boosted this industry.  By outsourcing managerial, research, and support services, law firms are able to apply themselves solely to core legal matters.  Moreover, offshore features like availability of English speaking lawyers, lower costs, round the clock services, faster pace of research and managerial tasks have proved advantageous to the global legal outsourcing community.  In India, particularly, the formation of the LPO Trade Association has empowered the LPO industry.   After years of practice, a number of LPO service providers are expanding their range of services, reinventing their strategies, and offering better bespoke legal solutions that are changing the face of legal processes worldwide.


Current Legal Recruitment Climate in England – July 2008

We are currently in the throws of the Credit Crunch and Solicitors practices are having to adapt their business plans in the light of the current economic climate.

The area that has been hit hardest has been Property, and there have been extensive redundancies made, especially in the Residential property sector. In Commercial Property the market is flat especially in Sales and Acquisitions, Property Finance and Property Development. Landlord and Tenant work is holding out and there are still some legal vacancies in this sector.

Areas of growth judging by legal recruitment demand are for Solicitors with Insolvency and Contentious Property/Construction litigation experience. This is a natural result of the economic client and legal practices are being proactive in respond to demand for services in these area. legal recruitment agencies have seen the number of legal jobs in these areas rise dramatically in recent months. The demand has generally been for those Solicitors who have specialized in these areas in previous legal jobs, and would be able to hit the ground running on a general Insolvency caseload. However, there is a higher demand for those Solicitors with Commercial Insolvency/Corporate Recovery experience rather than Personal Insolvency.

Legal recruitment agencies are also reporting that they have a number of legal jobs available for contentious Construction Solicitors. Those candidates with arbitration experience are especially sought after at present. The positions tend to be in the London practices and the larger regional firms.

In recent years practices have tended to be short of candidates around the 2-5years PQE point, this has changed slightly and there is a good number of legal vacancies for Newly Qualified Solicitors in addition to experienced candidates with followings.

Employment law is another area in which the number of legal jobs available seems to be outstripping supply of experienced candidates. As commercial firms are making redundancies, and new employment legislation is making its way to the statute books almost daily, demand for Employment legal services is growing.

The Banking and Corporate market has slowed but not to the extent that property has. Firms are not making larger scale redundancies as yet but there is no particular demand for extra legal staff in these departments.

Personal Injury has remained steady and this sector has in particular taken advantage of the number of law and LPC graduates who cannot find training contracts, and taken them on as case handlers for the small and fast track work. Indeed, the growth of the career paralegal that is so prevalent in US legal firms will continue to develop within the United Kingdom. Areas such as Wills and Probate, Family and Crime are also utilizing Paralegals more.

Overall, legal practices have shown themselves quick to adapt to new circumstances and as certain avenues of work close, new opportunities present themselves. While new legal jobs and the need for legal recruitment as a whole has dropped, there is still good demand in certain areas and quality candidates will always find themselves a legal job.

Communication With Bluetooth Adapters is Improving Connectivity

We reside in a day and age where technology is more accessible to us than ever earlier than, and our means of communicating to anyone at any time and wherever is extra potential than it ever has been. As we speak, our telephone system has develop into extraordinarily clogged as a result of excessive number of mobile phone customers in our society. It is speculated that extra individuals own their own cellphone now than have a land line at home. The cellular phone has develop into such a mandatory part of our lives lately that the majority won’t go away home without it. One of many many advantages of the cellular phone, is to make use of it if you find yourself on the go and nonetheless need to communicate.

The unfortunate facet of this on the go communication is the fact that many people are using cell phones whereas driving. Analysis has instructed that cellular phone use while driving, whether that’s through text messaging, sending an IM, or speaking on the cellphone, will impair a driver’s potential to pay attention to higher depths than drinking and driving. As a consequence of these research, states across the nation are implementing cellphone legal guidelines which ban the use of cell phones while operating a vehicle. This means that citizens of the states that carry these cell phone legal guidelines should use a arms free technique of using their cellular phone while driving, or else not use a cellphone at all. Be warned, if your state has these laws they are not soft on penalties, and you’ll and will be pulled over and charged if you are caught driving while utilizing a cell phone.

Nevertheless, do not let this detour you from utilizing your favourite technology when you are on the road. Many firms today are offering alternatives that can will let you use your cellular phone or portable hand set palms free. The most common method right this moment of palms free dialing and speaking on the phone is the Bluetooth adapter set. When Bluetooth first started, this technology was only obtainable on newer and extra elite telephone models, however as a result of urgent nature of mobile phone legal guidelines and bans, virtually each cellphone available on the market is enabled with Bluetooth know-how that may let you use a Bluetooth adapter and nonetheless speak on the phone.

The most common kind of Bluetooth adapter is a plug and play variety that shall be appropriate along with your Bluetooth headset. This may make it very easy to obtain both incoming and outgoing calls with out as soon as having to take your palms off the steering wheel, and even take your eyes off of the road. This kind of adapter will permit your cellphone to broadcast over any kind of programming that’s on your radio thus, you’ll not have to fret about any misplaced calls.

That is only one of many many kinds of Bluetooth adapters available on the market today. Relying on your phone, there are lots of varieties obtainable to fit your needs. If you are a heavy driver and use your cellphone whereas driving, a Bluetooth adapter is a definite must to guard your self and other drivers on the highway and in some states, could also be mandatory.